A Lost Paradise

post 236/365


The silver of swamp lilies lip the land in wild haze as the stream takes possession of the land made wetlands. High up in the sky the clouds frolic in the sky, their dark shadows dissolve in water. This wetland is a secret, fertile, and full of life parcel, where birth and death are free and rife.

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

post 234/365


Only the bells tear through the silence of the wide-open valleys, reminding the heavens and its people of this serene land. Breathtakingly beautiful with trees that stretch as far as the eyes can see, still up to this day, it is hard to reach, adding to its charm. Nothing disturbs its silence other then the birds and the breeze that tiptoe along humbly giving respect to the stillness of Wadi Kadisha.

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