Lady Gaga of the Middle East

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Over the years, El Lady Madonna has carved out a special position on the local and Arab music scene with her spectacular shows and upbeat stage presence. Years before Lady Gaga was notoriously famous for her music and specially fashion sense, we in Lebanon, had our own fashionista.

Lebanese singer Lady Madonna is known for her quirky fashion choices and sometimes-daring outfits. Her two most famous songs remain Wala Ya Sa’aidi and Abousak Alfi Bossa (I Kiss You One Thousand Kisses). She represented and still does, all the glamour and fantasy required for a musical performance. She was an avant-garde artist in the 80’s and 90’s, bringing to Lebanon a magical dust of Broadway, introducing the electronic music to the Arab scene and launching artists such as Elie Saab & Fouad Sarkis.

When asked about her philosophy on life in one of the interviews, she smiled and simply said: “Live your life as if you’re going to die tomorrow and be excited about tomorrow as if you were going to live forever. I never asked anything from life but happiness and somehow the clapping that I share with my audience.” If for nothing else, I love her for that, knowing that she has lived a life full of ups and downs, emotionally and financially.

Although I have tried to research about her life and her career, I couldn’t find anything. So as much as I would have loved to write about her story, today’s post will mainly be about her fashion sense. (if you can provide me with more information about her, i would be grateful)

Madonna was the first Lebanese woman to express herself through fashion, taking it all the way. She has always and still does give us something to look forward to by being true to herself and her sense of style yet always with a touch of discretion.

There is nothing our Lebanese Diva has not worn; she has been an example of self-expression in a judgmental society that rarely accepts anything beyond the norm, from ribbons, to traditional colorful dress, to fantasy hats, to eye glasses, to feathers, to an actual Christmas tree. There is nothing that she hasn’t tried and somehow managed to get away with.

So today’s post is a tribute to her fashion sense, to our Lebanese Lady Gaga and to women who dare to be themselves by expressing themselves openly and boldly…

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