The Mountains that Kiss the Sky

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The sun has a twinkle, as it rises over the mountain High. I stood there. Staring. A snow-capped peak stared back. I became exceedingly captivated by its beauty and its opulent presence.

We are truly blessed in Lebanon for having such wondrous nature at our footsteps. To appreciate this little country with its many facets, you’ll need to intertwine with its magical nature.

Laqlou is a small mountainous village in the Jbeil District of Mount Lebanon Governorate. It was founded in the 18th century by Arabs who are known today as ′Arab al-Laqlouq. Their presence dates back to the era of Emir Bashir Shihab II, who granted the village residents their lands and who vacationed there in the summer months. The original residents were generally poorer than the newer arrivals who immigrated to the village from nearby areas.

The name Laqlouq means Lustrous. It was named Laqlouq due to the glow of the year-round snows. Although in summer time the snow melts due to change in global warming, but in winter it still snows abundantly covering its mountains with fresh sugar powdered snow.

Laqlouq is a place where one may come to take long walks among the rocks strangely sculpted over the ages and glowing in the pure fresh air of heights as ice-cold water leaps from countless springs. Known for its numerous water reservoirs or irrigation ponds, Laqlouq offers a panorama like no other. Jagged ridges and terraces bearing thousands of trees encircle it. Somehow no matter where your eyes gaze, the terraces seem to hang against the azure backdrop of a Mediterranean sky.

Considered  a winter and summer resort,  Laqlouq is also one of the best resorts suited for cross-country skiing. Mostly visited by families. Laqlouq had its first ski lift installed in 1958. Unlike other resorts, the area surrounding the slopes is nearly free of buildings and construction.

Remember that it was on its mountains that a king defied nature with tragic consequences to his life and his men. Some villagers say that in winter during nighttime, when the wind hums to its own wild tune, you can still hear the chilling sound of the junipers as they sway in the cold, and from a distance you can overhear the echo of the soldiers’ screams as they vanish into the night underneath the snow covered mountains. ( to read the post:

I’m in a passionate love affair
with the mountains
and the dream of escaping. I stand on the edge of the sky, as the mountains dance below me. I stand beneath a blanket of stars, as the trees sing melodies of old tales, of nature’s owe, and its exhilarating joie de vivre. The mountain air so crisp, the valley sings a song sweet as glacial water. The mountains, unlike us, are never lonely as they are kissed by lilac clouds.

To my Lebanon and it has to offer…

pan_akoura_lakes_lebanonthe-laklouk-akoura-lakes-by-mid-spring59517123-l28018432672_cb18a126aa_bbeautiful-views-from-laklouk-akoura69912442-l26161727153_4a90fbd439_blaqlouq_forest202080719_be64c91b6025770540old-flour-in-wadi-tannourine-1024x768laqlouqProcessed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetlaqlouq-216329939381_b3e2f6afce_b11934918_1615522952030764_1452630034_npt115778laqlouq-saydet-el-karn69329291-m12479064_214497548931008_809856535_nlaqlouq_snowshoeing_with_vamos_todoslaqlouq-121607556farayaTOPSHOT - A Lebanese trecker takes a piclaqlouq-319382941laklouk11012006snapseed4

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