The Theatre of Life

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As they perform, a sudden understanding grips me; they will never be gone from this place. These performers of excellent caliber pour their hearts out to those who listen and gets swept away in their idea. Their plays are drenched in moralistic stories, conveying messages that count with their full of life gestures. As we sit watching them, they look through us, as if asking us to engage, as if seeing through our façade. Their ideas move like fluid through the minds of the spectators, speaking to us of this world we live in. if you hear them, really hear them, you will be moved.

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The Hotel

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Couched in the comforts of boutique plushness and nestled in the heart of Ashrafieh, the land’s historic multicultural heritage is captured in the picturesque Albergo Hotel, a refurbished Ottoman house located in the charming and traditional old quarter of Ashrafieh on Abdel Wahab el Inglisi Street. The Albergo Hotel, literally meaning the hotel in Italian, is a world in-between two worlds and the only deluxe boutique hotel in Beirut, preserving the Lebanese style and soul, reflecting a multifaceted country, at the crossroads of the Orient and the West.

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The One Overlooking the Land

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In between its winding streets where the sounds of the city runs amongst its trees scattered here and there, Ashrafieh is definitely a love affair. Its luxurious apartment buildings combined with its renovated traditional houses and the dilapidated ones, its 50s, 60, 70s, and 80s buildings all seem like a charming movie set of a loved Beirut.

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Your Eyes are Welcomed

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There are many non-verbal cues that have completely different meanings in different cultures. One of the most important means of nonverbal communication in any culture is eye contact, or lack thereof. The eyes are the windows to the soul. That is why we ask people to look us in the eye and tell us the truth. Or why we get worried when someone gives us the evil eye or has a wandering eye. Our language is full of expressions that refer to where people are looking, particularly if they happen to be looking in our direction.

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The House of Olive Oil

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House of Zejd, meaning the house of olive oil, is a small boutique selling everything related to olive, located in the heart of Achrafieh, on Mar Mitr Street. Zejd, olive oil in ancient Phoenician, highlights the rich historical background of the Lebanese oleic traditions related to its Phoenician origins. In fact, the Mediterranean coasts of Syria, Mount Lebanon and Palestine appear to be the main original home of the wild olive tree where it is extremely abundant. Over time its cultivation developed considerably spreading along with the expansion of the Phoenician civilization.

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The Queen of the Sea

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Underdeveloped infrastructure, overgrown vegetation and the sea overlooked by palm trees, as Banana grooves run for miles along the coast, act as a thick green barrier between the blue Mediterranean and the pot holed roadway running from Sidon to Tyre. The name of the city means, rock after the rocky formation on which the town was originally built.

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