The Eternal Sisters

Post 28/365


The Sisters or The Sisters Olive Trees of Noah are tucked away in the sleepy village of Bechealeh, in the North of Lebanon. They are a grove of sixteen olive trees, the oldest olive trees in the world, that have witnessed 5000 years of political unrest, plagues, diseases, varying climatic conditions and changing civilizations. The Sisters’ are said to be from an undocumented olive tree variety, an ancestor of the Balasi Ayrouni. They remain one of the great unresolved and virtually unexplored pre-Biblical mysteries; common folklore and a few Biblical Scholars believe that these are the trees from which the dove took the branch back to Noah when the deluge subsided.

In fact these “trees of Noah” are considered by locals to be a living miracle because nature, as we all know, is often silent and passive in the face of hardship, greed and violence so the fact that these arcane olive trees have managed to skirt 5000 years of climatic shifts, hacking axes and diseases is in a way a miracle.

They really ought to be regarded as a national treasure. We have much to learn from the beautiful Sisters. Their life story writes down as one long love poem, an ode to life. Standing there facing them, you can’t help but appreciate their old age and their rough skin that has aged gracefully over the years. The blood of their fruits still gives us oil. Their love is there to share, to enjoy, and to protect us from the heat of the sun.

So here they are,

They stand.

They sand there silent.

They stand there proud.

They stand there for man.

They stand there to remind us of our history.

They stand there for us to take what we want.

They stand there never asking for anything in return.

They stand there to remind us that this too shall pass.

They stand there to spread the message of peace and faith.

They stand there united on this land, their roots intertwining.

They stand there wise knowing that silence is a virtue only old age fathoms.

Because I believe that there has been some divine providence watching over and protecting those trees for Bechealeh, for Lebanon and maybe even for all the rest of us, I #livelovelebanon and I will #fighton

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