The House of Olive Oil

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House of Zejd, meaning the house of olive oil, is a small boutique selling everything related to olive, located in the heart of Achrafieh, on Mar Mitr Street. Zejd, olive oil in ancient Phoenician, highlights the rich historical background of the Lebanese oleic traditions related to its Phoenician origins. In fact, the Mediterranean coasts of Syria, Mount Lebanon and Palestine appear to be the main original home of the wild olive tree where it is extremely abundant. Over time its cultivation developed considerably spreading along with the expansion of the Phoenician civilization.

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The Eternal Sisters

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The Sisters or The Sisters Olive Trees of Noah are tucked away in the sleepy village of Bechealeh, in the North of Lebanon. They are a grove of sixteen olive trees, the oldest olive trees in the world, that have witnessed 5000 years of political unrest, plagues, diseases, varying climatic conditions and changing civilizations. The Sisters’ are said to be from an undocumented olive tree variety, an ancestor of the Balasi Ayrouni. They remain one of the great unresolved and virtually unexplored pre-Biblical mysteries; common folklore and a few Biblical Scholars believe that these are the trees from which the dove took the branch back to Noah when the deluge subsided.

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