The Modern Magic Lamp

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While Aladdin had to go through a booby-trapped magic cave to get his oil lamp that would grant him his wishes, in Lebanon a simple phone call would have done. I really mean it, name it and you’ve got it. Everything in Lebanon, absolutely everything is only a phone call away. There is no need to sweet talk a genie, a simple “allo, please biddeh itlob delivery” (please I would like to order a delivery) would do.

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Days before a woman is about to give birth, the whiff of cinnamon and caraway start filling the house with their comforting aromas full of warm spicy notes. No Lebanese baby can be welcomed into this world, without the proper and best Meghlé. This dessert is a rice pudding made from rice flour, sugar and cinnamon with ornaments of desiccated coconut flakes, pistachios, walnuts, almonds and pine nuts making it one fancy dessert reserved for such delightful occasions. It is infused with the warming flavors of cinnamon, caraway and anise. This exotic dessert is a taste of our culture, and insight into our spice-filled way of life.

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Our Lady of Lebanon

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As one, we are senseless beings 
begging for love, good health, and happiness, asking for forgiveness. 
Hoping to see light, we look above and stare at her peaceful face, and rest
 our heavy little hearts right on her shoulder. Occasionally I become lost in looking, and stagger into a daze as I wonder how many people have come here in search for something, asking her for help. She has stood there it seems for eternity contemplating anguish and propagating patience. Overlooking the bay of Jounieh, she opens her arms welcoming all.

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The Cultural Warrior

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Lebanese artist and architect Nadim Karam is a multi-disciplinary artist. He fuses his artistic output of sculpture, painting, and drawing with his background in architecture to create large-scale urban art projects in different cities of the world. Blending various cultural influences, Karam’s works transcend social, political and national borders. He seeks to ‘create moments of dreams’ in different cities of the world, constructing a vocabulary of forms in urban settings to narrate stories and evoke collective memory with a very particular whimsical, often absurdist approach.

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