Jeita Grotto

Post 5/365


Lebanon is literally beautiful inside out. We have beautiful nature on the surface of the land and inside it.

Jeita is the longest cave in the Middle East. It has the longest stalactite in the world and it’s considered the pride of Lebanon.
It is the story behind it that I love though . Behind this cathedral like vaults with majestic curtains falling from its walls. Jeita, in case you didn’t know, provides fresh drinking water to 1.5 million inhabitants! And yet it stands there in profound silence.

There is beauty in providing for those you love, to being humble, to being majestic yet flowing with positive energy, to taking care of what nature provided you with, to literally being able to let the current flow through you gracefully and learning to let go of things that are not meant for you (an underground philosophy to the Lebanese government)

Because I believe in the flowing energy of the earth I ‪#‎livelovelebanon‬ and I will ‪#‎fighton‬

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