Saving Beirut’s Heritage

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Beirut, once a model Levantine Mediterranean city, is quickly losing its traditional character to modernization. Its Ottoman-style mansions with lush interior gardens and triple-arched windows, and its French colonial buildings are increasingly being bulldozed to make room for modern high-rises. Fifteen years of a destructive Civil War, in addition to an Israeli invasion, caused extensive damage to the city, but a postwar development and reconstruction spree is turning out to be more detrimental.

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The Power Couple

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Astute minds have always found ways to each other, and these pairings aren’t always disastrous. In fact, sometimes these partnerships result in even greater productivity. One such couple that has contributed more then any other in human, civil, and women’s right, are Laure and Joseph Moghaizel. They maintained a romantic bond that centered around an intellectual and emotional intimacy unmatched by any of their other liaisons. They met at the age of 17 and were inseparable since.

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