The Ghost of Tripoli

post 240/365


As twilight softly kisses the horizon, a sturdy breeze plays mischievously in this derelict beauty only a short distance from the center of Tripoli, to the south of the city, bordering enormous, intense apartments blocs. Forgotten domes and empty seats are taken captive by the resilient flowers that grow amidst this deserted space. Like little shreds of hope they peek out just above the ground, holding firmly to the dream of what was once an almost picturesque reality that has drifted into abandonment.

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Aimless Walking Rocky Shores

post 237/365



Faraway clouds float lazily next to the fading sun. In the beautiful evening sky, there is a faint sunset displaying its myriad of colors. A beautiful day is nearly done. The rocky shore cliffs bathe in the sunset’s glow. Time goes by so fast, when yet at others times it seems to go by so slow. A lone palm tree stands on the shore. I love the beauty here more and more. The little fish are swimming under the sea. This place is bathed in beauty’s delight. Soon it will be night, the day is dying peacefully, and all that is left is but an ecstasy.

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