Aimless Walking Rocky Shores

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Faraway clouds float lazily next to the fading sun. In the beautiful evening sky, there is a faint sunset displaying its myriad of colors. A beautiful day is nearly done. The rocky shore cliffs bathe in the sunset’s glow. Time goes by so fast, when yet at others times it seems to go by so slow. A lone palm tree stands on the shore. I love the beauty here more and more. The little fish are swimming under the sea. This place is bathed in beauty’s delight. Soon it will be night, the day is dying peacefully, and all that is left is but an ecstasy.

The moon’s ray’s fall gracefully to the ground, such beauty here abounds. I shall always love this place the most. The waves crash in motion and the moonlight is reflected in the soft waters. The full moon shines from way up high and as the moonlight hits the shore; I shall hold this place dear forevermore.

Kfar Abida is a village located 2 Km south of Batroun in the North. Part of the village in the southwest is also known by the older name of Fadous or Fadaous.

Fadous Sud is a Heavy Neolithic site of the Qaraoun culture located south of the tell, some 300m south of the village. Discovered by Maurice Tallon in 1957 between the sea and the road, the site was found to extend east of the road in 1966, when material was recovered. The large site covers 400 m on either side of the main road, up to the side of a wadi.

Fadous Sud proved to be an enormous Heavy Neolithic flint factory site with finds forming a wide ranging assemblage in grey flint and cream chert that included large cores and flakes as well as scrapers, rabots, long blades, end scrapers, racloirs and a group of triangular flakes. Material from the beach had a whiter patina than that found nearer the road.

This beautiful seaside village surrounded by other beautiful little towns like Thoum, Rashana, Smar-Jbeil, Batroun, Besina, is a little gem on the Mediterranean Sea. It lies quietly, dreamily. Somehow it seems, like time has left it to its own meanderings. Having been inhabited from times’ dawn, it seems unaffected by the passing of time. It is famous for its beautiful rocky shores that create natural bridges, caves, and small shores.

Scrambling upon sun-drenched rocks, as clouds are floating by, with the smell of salt air in my hair, I wallow in the early morning, cold breeze cutting through the salty, sweet taste of the sea air, and the splash of frothing white spray. These beautiful rocky shores stand there, resembling a little adventure anticipating its discovery. Swimming along its rocky shores, I have felt its waves echo along my ribs and beat along my heart.

This little place is my little heaven in Lebanon, and where I escape to ever so often. Let’s save it so it stays ours for the rest of time. And let it be an example, that this is our land, where greed and personal affairs will not lay its dirty hands on!

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