A little note

Good morning everyone,
I am sorry I haven’t posted this week, somehow the garbage crisis got to me and I lost my spirits and couldn’t write anymore. As I stared into my computer day in and day out, I realised that they “the government” have finally managed to rob me of everything. I’ve lost my positivity, somehow it got dissipated among the shouts of the people on the streets and the awful realisation that nothing much is going to be done. Somehow I realised that maybe we are not ready to give it all just yet. Maybe on a national scale we will never be ready. Yet I woke up this morning refusing to give up. Despite the horrendous garbage crisis, Lebanon is still beautiful, its people, its villages, its expression, its food, with that realisation came another one: I am not ready to give up the fight just yet and no they haven’t robbed me of my positivity, on the contrary they have armed me with a will to fight on. There is something about Lebanon, its spirit that lingers above its mountains and on the surface of its sea that attracts me and for that I will carry on.
I will go back to writing tomorrow and I am sorry I had stopped and let them get the better of me. I’ve had 130 days to show that this country is worth the fight and I have the next 235 days to do exactly that. To my Lebanon, I carry on…

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