Winter’s First Kiss

post 72/365




Big soft flakes of the first snow land on the earth. I look into the sky flooded with endless amounts of falling snow, swirling and dancing until they reach the ground. In the entire world there is nothing like the sound of falling snow. It sweeps away the world and the sky with a gentle hiss of snow globe tide. The snow blankets transforms all to still beauty on these mountains sitting atop of the world, silently watching. Within the icy silver stillness, the scheduled snow falls as the hush of the wind blows.

There is something quiet purging, quiet ethereal about a first snow. We are blessed in this land of plenty of nature’s gift of snow meandering down as winter smiles in its late bloom. From Broumana, Faraya, Laqlouq, Faqra, Arz, Bekaa valley, Barouk, Tannourine, Zaarour, Becharreh, Sannine, to Khyam, Marjeyoun, and the rest of Lebanon, the cold comes upon us gently, a hand to sweep away the summer. One colorless world filled with warmth by blankets of powder. White sky, white earth silencing songbirds become one in this poem of the air. Caking towns, fields, sifted over a bright blank, untouched pristine sight are scenes of winter’s wonderland.

There is much to discover in this constantly changing landscape in the silence and loneliness of the high Lebanese plateau; while huge snow drifts can give an impression of vastness, there is intimacy too, in the frozen tarns scattered among the mountains top. There is something intoxicating about this flurry of creation, this jagged promise of newness.

Like tiny delicate white petals floating through the air, snow piles up in the formation of thick cozy blankets covering cars and houses of the Lebanese mountains. Shivers, frozen glimmers, life feels trapped in this frame of walls and mirrors. Quiet whispers resigned and frozen, the snow is so silent settling down on the earth white and weightless. It falls down bit-by-bit, covering the earth. At the peak, it feels like diving into nowhere, endpoints nonexistent. All I see is this celestial white stillness. New scenes occur of softer landscape and merges with the skies whose colors bleach in dull array.

In this winter wonderland, please remember those who are less fortunate then us, those who lost their homes. Although snow is quiet a sight of beauty for those people, it is a harsh reminder of an unforgiving reality. Help this wonderful organization, if you can, support the refugees:

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