The Cave of the Three Bridges

post 215/365


Sacred Spaces come to exist on their own, created by the hand of nature. A spectacular sight to see, where nature carved its way through, the Baatara gorge, lies unchanged, untouched, flowing to the pace of its own flow. A vision of beauty it lies deep into the valley below where three natural bridges, rising one above the other and overhanging a chasm descend into Mount Lebanon.

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Tannourine in my Heart

post 144/365


Winter casts a veil of snowy white upon our mountains, as spring breathes life into our rivers and waterfalls. Listening to the sounds of nature and discovering hidden gems make life in this small country an absolute dream. As you drive up from Batroun along a scenic road up the hills and mountains, Tannourine with its entire natural splendor opens up like a woman’s bust embracing the horizon beneath it.

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