The Street Artist

post 94/365


There is art housed and closed, somehow it stagnates in museums under cold lock and key. And then there is art right here, open and fresh and free. The art of the city embraces us. It tells us its narrative and the power of its youth. If these walls could speak, they’d tell you all about art and life in Beirut; whispered from spray cans.

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The Sea

Post 4/365


Lebanon, just by pure geography, makes the Mediterranean sea part of our daily lives. It’s length almost three times its width with a 225km of coastline. 
Now that’s nice but that’s all information. What I love about this fact is that no matter how far away I am, I am only a 2 hours drive to the sea. And I do love my sea. Just like Pablo Neruda said “I need the sea because it teaches me”.
I find my peace and my serenity and I realise that I am literally just a drop of water every time I look at its vastness. We have 225 km of pure warm blue beauty. I wish we would take better care of it.

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