Coming Home

post 203/365


In my dreams, I see my homeland;

Far too long I’ve been away.

Land of wondrous charm and beauty,

Far from her, my skies are gray.

Land, which gave me love and nurture,

Here, in which my life began,

How I long for Lebanon,

Many splendored native land.

This, the land of my forefathers,

This, the soil from which I grew,

This, in my heart ever precious,

The only home I ever knew.

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A Magical Time of the Year

post 66/365


Christmas is a special time of year, a time filled with festivities and cheer. The lights are up, magic fills the air as people rush to get gifts. Children wait in anticipation for Father Christmas and all the gifts they will be receiving. All the wrapped presents under the tree topped with a golden star for all to see. But those gifts don’t at all compare to the beauty of having the family around. As we start this solemn slalom towards a week that ends engorged, with stomachs bloated whilst we gloat and toast a perfect holiday, let us remember that December is about reunion, love, and sharing this small world we inhabit.

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