150 Years of Education

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Beirut’s cultural importance is embodied in its five major universities, which attract students from all over the Arab world and beyond. Lebanon is home to the oldest private university in the Near East region, which is located on the most beautiful coastal area at the tip of the city of Beirut. The campus covers 65 acres of gardens, 19th century buildings and wooded areas. It has a rich collection of flowers, shrubs and trees, an archeological museum, and a private beach for students and staff, making it the most beautiful campus in the region.

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The Healers

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Where the light cascades in streaming beauty, the children of forever lie in their beds with sweet faces smiling to the morning sun. As the birds sing with gentle tunes, they adorn their hair with petals of servitude and strength. All here are of harmonious voice and love rules this place in gratitude. All the songs sung here are healing, sending hope to the bravest of them all.

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The News vendor, Ras Beirut’s Honorable Man

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In this bustling city, amongst the crowds of people rushing in and out of the hospital, time passes quickly. Most days are groundhog days, visitors, balloons, flowers, chocolates, delivery men with food, and people lost in the haze of sickness hoping for deliverance from pain; among this hustle and bustle stands a man, not a very tall man, but a hard working man with a career spanning over 60 years. Continue reading