An Ancient Cult in Sidon

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Today marks an important milestone for me. It’s been officially a year I’ve been writing about Lebanon. With this in mind, I would like to celebrate it with this post that took me months in research and led me to some amazing findings. If you are a lover of history and lost stories, this post is for you. Today’s post has nothing less then a Dan Brown plot to it. Art and history have a way of travelling around the world, hiding, and then reappearing out of nowhere. It is for those who adore it to seek it and trace it back to its origins. So please bear with me this long post.

With all my love, from this land of many mysteries…

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The Lady of Gubla

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The city of Gubla is said to be the first city in the world in Greek legend. Founded as a settlement at some point around 5000 BC, Byblos was originally home to a small Neolithic fishing community. The first signs of a town appeared in the third millennium BC. By the beginning of the Early Bronze Age in 3000 BC, it was a prosperous Canaanite city with one of the most important export, the cedar trees of Lebanon to Egypt in exchange for papyrus, ivory, ebony and gold, making it one of the most important trading centers on the coast with close ties to the fourth dynasty Egypt. Egyptian influence can be seen in its art and its religion. Trade goods from as early as Egypt’s 2nd dynasty have been found there.

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