Thoughts from the revolution

Thought of the day: 

I don’t think anyone knows where this revolution/movement is heading. We, the Lebanese living in lebanon, are living at the moment amidst chaos, fear, frustration, and repression, yet amidst all of that, against our different believes, against our different backgrounds, amidst our different religions, ideas and followings, amidst our different strategies of how this movement should continue, whether we belong to a party or not, we the Lebanese of Lebanon and from all over the world have united to help one another, to care for one another, and to feel for one another. No more partying in Broumana while Beirut is being shelled, this is of the past. Every,  and I really mean every, Lebanese I know living here or anywhere else in the world is reaching out for Lebanon to help in any way possible. 
If Lebanon has gained anything from this revolution, it has gained its people’s empathy, its people’s belonging and hearts. 
. “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” – Stanley Kubrick

Long live Lebanon 🇱🇧 

One thought on “Thoughts from the revolution

  1. I was so very fortunate to live in Beirut in 1967 – before the real war destroyed much of what came to love. We lived on California street overlooking the point on the corniche below the old lighthouse. How I cherish those memories of Manara. Yet another revolution is upon you and I can only hope, but truly know, Beirut will survive.


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